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Welcome to the Courses Section of our website. We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to find modules, prices, funding, time and outcomes to get your future sorted.

If you know what course you are looking for you can jump right ahead and choose either a level or a discipline, Otherwise some common questions are answered below to help you choose the right path for your future.

For the Domestic Students

Can I afford to study undergraduate at CSBM?

Access to career development loans through both HSBC and Barclays bank are available to all students. For more information on this, visit our fees page We appreciate this is a significant question for most students looking to further their qualifications. A lot of people want to study at college/university but are apprehensive about how to find the money to pay for it. Now that universities have risen their prices, private colleges can finally stand firm and are now either on par with or cheaper than most universities. CSBM is cheaper and faster. For example. ____________________________________________________________________

Route 1

CSBM + HND Business = 18months @ £5150 Portsmouth Uni + BA Business = Final yr @ £8000 ———- Dual Qualified HND + BA —– 2.5 years —- £13150——– ___________________________________________________________________

Route 2

Portsmouth Uni + BA Business = 3 years @ £24000 ———– Single Qualification ——-3 years ——–£24000———— ___________________________________________________________________

What subjects does CSBM cover?

CSBM courses can be found by navigating through the links on this very page. You can navigate by qualification level, or faculty.

As a professional provider of courses, CSBM covers a raft of specialties that can lead you to a professional qualification or a high-end academic qualification. CSBM takes great pride in the practical, fast tracked way in which we run. We offer courses that are more practical, faster, and contain modules based around real world learning and situations.

What do you want to study?


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