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Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership + CIMA Professional Qualification

EDEXCEL Centre number: 26419

Management Courses

EDEXCEL Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership are designed to provide focused and specialist vocational short courses, linked to professional body requirements and National Occupational Standards where appropriate, with a clear work-related emphasis.

Add to this a professional qualification in Management Accounting, and now you are talking!

CSBM has developed a postgraduate qualification that will take students 3 years to complete, but it will be worth it. The academic team has fused together the CIMA professional Qualification with our Postgraduate Diploma that will have employers chomping at the bit for students who graduate this course.

Our Postgraduate Diploma is known for its practical application and real world experience, and the CIMA qualification is world renowned as the best Management Accounting course available. Add these two together and you have a recipe for success!!

Entry Requirements Entry is likely to include at least one of the following: • A Degree or BTEC Higher National Certificate or Diploma in a related subject, such as business management • A BTEC level 5 or 6 short course in a related subject, for example, business or management • Appropriate work experience • Very Clever

Course Structure • Pathways: Front End Management and Business, CEO, COO, Business Development. • Work Experience Element – (optional 3 months Full-time or 6 months Part-time) o Option of Overseas work experience. • MBA Top up available at a host of universities on a case by case basis.

Course Outcomes This course aims to increase knowledge, understanding and management skills in ways that relate directly to the individual student’s environment and circumstances. Intellectually stimulating, it will also provide relevant practical educational experience.

MBA Top-Up option

Students can also opt to top up and receive an MBA from the following universities direct from CSBM. Imagine that! a professional qualification (lvl 7 Diploma), Chartered status (CIMA) and an MBA. you would be unstoppable!

University of Greenwich Southampton Solent University University of Northampton University of Gloucestershire University of Worcester


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