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One of the largest sectors in the UK for graduate employment, retailing offers a wide range of challenging and exciting careers. This course, regarded by many retailers as the best in the country, develops an understanding of the industry and the environment in which it operates and will equip you with the knowledge, technical skills and commitment for a successful career.

Retail management is about managing the whole retail process from the raw materials to the final consumer; it’s not just about working in shops, although some of our graduates do manage retail stores out of choice.

To succeed in the competitive and demanding world of retailing, potential managers need an understanding of the industry and the environment in which it operates in addition to the technical and functional skills necessary for success. Retailers recognise the demands they place on graduates entering the industry, and significant responsibility and reward often comes at an early age.

Equipped with the skills of analysis and critical evaluation, and with a high level of innovative and creative ability, graduates become highly effective in key areas of the business such as marketing and promotions, personnel and buying – as well as in operations.

As part of the final year students undertake a Retail Management Consultancy Project which involves giving a presentation to industry, Steve Clarke, Merchandising Director for Tesco said, “Over the past twenty five years I have been at lots of presentations from Multinational companies and this presentation would not be out of place in comparison.”

CSBM provides our HND with a retail twist, to ensure graduates are up to date on the latest movements and innovations in the industry. In conjunction with Bournemouth University Students after 18months will have been prepared and rigorously tested to ensure a smooth transition from CSBM into their third year at Bournemouth University BA (Hons) in Retail Management.

Entry Requirements • Minimum age, 18 years old • Full secondary education. NQF 3 • Minimum of 2 A levels (no less than grade D) or equivalent (contact for more info) for UK applicants• English proficiency: PTE 51 (minimum: Listening 51, Reading 51, Speaking 51, Writing 51) or equivalent, IELTS 5.5 (minimum: Listening 5.5, Reading 5.5, Speaking 5.5, Writing 5.5) or equivalent, TOEFL 87 (minimum: Reading 22, Writing 21, Listening 21, Speaking 23) or equivalent • Mature students (over 21) are accepted, subject to professional references

Course Structure • Pathways: Managment, HRM and Business • Work Experience Element – (optional 3 months Full-time or 6 months Part-time) o Option of Overseas work experience. • Enter the Bachelor Degree of your choice upon completion of all 4 Terms.

Course Outcomes With the work experience element, the practical nature of the course, short time frame and added degree year, you will already be a leader in this field before you graduate. Within the degree year you will clearly rise above your peers as the most confident of your group having already worked abroad before they get down to the nuts and bolts of the course. You will no doubt be the firm favourite to land the best job upon graduation.

To see the full extent of the Bournemouth Univeristy Degree visit them here.

BA (Hons) Retail Management


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